Notice – Court Enters Stipulated Preliminary Injunction against Telestar – Monitor Appointed

On March 24, 2016, the Court entered a Stipulated Preliminary Injunction (“Preliminary Injunction”)  against Telestar Consulting, which also does business as Kleritec and United Business Supply.  Click here to access the Preliminary Injunction.

The receivership created by the Temporary Restraining Order of February 2, 2016 was terminated by the Preliminary Injunction.  In its place, the Court has appointed a Monitor to oversee Telestar’s compliance with the Preliminary Injunction.  The case remains pending.

By the terms of the Preliminary Injunction, Telestar may resume non-telemarketing operations, subject to restrictions contained in the Preliminary Injunction, and under the supervision of the Monitor.

Under the Preliminary Injunction, any collection of payment for sales made prior to the lawsuit will be through staff controlled by the Monitor.

For consumers who have questions or concerns, you may send them to

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